Yana Yushkevich – create B&W worlds through photographs

Today we are glad to present our first guest – Yana Yushkevich, a brilliant talented photographer. We visited her studio based in Prague and she gave us a short interview about her life and work.

Yana Yushkevich ~Short Bio ~

Yana Yushkevich was born in September of 1984 in Ufa, Russia. She has been living in Prague, Czech Republic, since 2002. In 2010 she has graduated from the Institute of International and Public Relations in Prague. In February 2012 she successfully completed a course of Creative Photography in Prague. She is a member of the Union of Czech photographers and member of the Bureau of freelance photographers in UK. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Association of Russian-speaking writer’s Czech Republic, Yana writes poetry.

~ How did you start to take photos? ~

I might have had it initially, it was just waiting to burst out. My father was a photographer and when I was a child I always liked these heavy cameras and the secret of photos developing in a dark laboratory. But it turned into serious aspect after I finished the university in 2010.


~ Where do you take your inspiration? ~

I’m inspired by movies, especially by those that have a dramatic tone. Historical movies where ladies go in corsets and lace, wide dresses, American retro movies of the 1920s and B&W Charlie Chaplins movies.


Books are also inspiring me, nature and some deep feelings experience.

I love to go to exhibitions, galleries. It’s a kind of inspiration for me. I would like to point out modern photographers I like Julia Hetta, Brooke Shaden, Alex Stoddard and classical one is František Drtikol.

~ What’s your style? ~

Fine art, b&W, self –portrait and still life.

~ What is the price of art? Do you think that art needs to be financially proficient? ~

I think the price of the art is time. After all time determines how magnificent or not one or another work of artist is and of course the people’s opinion and response whether good or bad are playing significant role. In any case an artist or photographer initially creating his work does not think about its price (talking about the creative works, not a commercial order), he puts it in his emotions and feelings. It is the process of expressing the inner and the outer world. And if you ask him what is the price of art, he would answer that art is priceless.



To answer the question about the price of art I would say why not?

I want to cite a passage:

“The artist and the buyer are both crazy: one does not know why he is creating a picture and another does not know why he is buying it”


~ Which projects did you take part in? ~

This summer I participated in two projects:

  1. Photomeetpoint, exhibition of a non-commercial photography, 24.06 – 30.09.2013, Prague Congress Centre
  2. No Dimension Summer 2 | Samorosti, 6. 08- 1. 09. 2013, Prague Gallery NoD/Roxy

Contact Yana Yushkevich| Photographer atelier1awww.yanayushkevich.com 

http://500px.com/yushkevich http://www.flickr.com/photos/yana_yushkevich/ http://www.behance.net/yushkevich https://www.facebook.com/PhotographyYanaYushkevich?ref=hl



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