Richard Branson. Quotes for your life.

“My general attitude to life is to enjoy every minute of every day. I never do anything with a feeling of, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to do this today.”

A successful and inspiring leader “Dr.Yes” Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is known for his absolute ability to enjoy living his life. He is not only a well known entrepreneur, billionaire and celebrity, but also a well known world record breaker. What is his secret? We have collected some outstanding #quotes by Richard Branson that might help our readers find their way to professional success and life in harmony.

#Life attitude:

“Love people and enjoy every second of your life. It is not easy, but looking at the bright side is always better.”

#Time management:

“I think 25 percent of my time is spent on marketing, another 25 percent of my time is spent on new ventures, 10 percent of my time is spent on firefighting and making sure that I’ve got the time to firefight if something’s going wrong somewhere and about 40 percent of my time is spent on social issues and building new organizations, more for the benefit of the climate or health issues or charitable issues.”

#Money usage:

“Because I’m a business leader, I’ve got extreme wealth. What is absolutely critical, I think, is that if you find yourself in that position or you’ve sold a company, you make sure that that money is not wasted away in bank accounts, but it’s put to good use, it’s reinvested in creating new jobs.”

#Survive skill:

“The only word that really matters is survival. If you don’t survive, you certainly can’t, later on in your life, do any good.”

#Critical attitude:

“One has to be extremely careful not to criticize people, to make sure you look for the best in people and lavish praise on people.”

#Life goes wrong:

“If something does go wrong or looks like it’s going to go wrong, I’ll work day and night trying to avoid it going wrong. As long as I’ve given it everything I can to try to avert the disaster, whatever the disaster was, if it happens, then I’ll sleep well at night and move on to the next project or the next challenge.”

#Corporate culture:

“I think that if you’re the chairman of a company, it is important, if you’re going downtown to a city, that if you’re having a party in that city, that you invite all of the staff in that city to that party.”


“The absolute key is being a good listener.”

#Looking silly:

“Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself.”


“You’ve got to try to find people who are better than yourself to delegate to. You’ve then got to stand back and give them a lot of freedom to make mistakes, as well as to make good things.”


“It’s obviously incredibly important to keep the body fit in order to keep the mind fit, and be able to find time for friends.”

#Fun in business:

“I try to infuse as much fun into my business as I can. My staff and my team, they’re actually always trying to calm me down, because I’m the goofball. My office is crazy.”

#Say YES:

“The most important thing is to have a yes mentality, not a no mentality.”

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