ART-Projects of the month

The most incredible projects and examples of human creativity for the month

The creative world again shows us how wonderful artist mind can be. We have chosen 5 the most incredible projects

Here they are:

Philippe Pasqua recently finished  contemporary artwork 350 chrome molded bones create the framework for the 3 by 6 meter (12′ by 21′)

philippe pasqua

Korean artist Choi Jeong-Hwa showed in San-Francisco his large sculptural installations, Breathing Flower and Red Lotus made of red fabric

"Breathing Flower", 2012, by Choi Jeong Hwa

Group of artist run the project Knit the Bridge an art installation on the Andy Warhol Bridge. More than 1800 people joined the project and covered bridge in Pittsburg with colorful woven blankets


Сonceptual artist Eric van Hove created a Mercedes-Benz V12 engine from no less than 53 different materials found from all over Morocco


Italian artist under the well-known nickname NO CURVES created hos art-work from colorful tape


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