DIY: Fancy bracelet

Thursday is our DIY day, so today we want to show how easily you can create a lovely bracelet from the things you possibly have at home.

We will need:

Cut the cord into two pieces, 40 cm each. Double each piece in half.

Fold each piece in half again. Overlap the cord on the right over the cord on the left, and bring right’s loose ends under and then over the left’s loop, making a square or reef knot.

Pull both ends tight.

Trim down one end, so all the cords are an even length. Holding them closely together, use the lighter to gently melt down and fuse together the four loose cords (watch your fingers!). While the cord is still slightly melted, pinch the ends together so they fuse to each other. The cord will cool and harden quickly, so work fast.
Put a blob of super glue in the end cap, and stick the fused together cord ends into the cap.

Repeat on the other end of the bracelet, and let the glue dry.

Add jump rings and clasp to the end caps. Make sure the glue is secure (wait over night) before wearing your new bracelet.



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