Anna Kazanova – different kinds of lightings and diversity of shades observer

A huge inspiration for me, though, comes from travelling: the feel of it, the change of colors and people; it brings me a lot of power, even if I use one roll of film while doing it.

Anna Kazanova


We are delighted to announce that today our special guest is a young successful photographer – Anna Kazanova.  Her style of photography is simple and unique: mix of street photography and kind of diary shots.  Anna creates classy, brilliant dark tones composition.

Let us get to listen more from Anna herself about her career and style of photography.

   ~Short Bio ~

Anna was born in Odessa, Ukraine. She finished Kiev University of Culture and Arts, Photography Department. During her studies she traveled three times to Asia and afterwards had two personal exhibitions in Odessa and Kiev (“Sum of Small Moves”). Also participated in different workshops. One of them was the Mediawave Photo Workshop which was held in Kars, Turkey. Another resulted in an exhibition in Budapest, at ‘A Miro Fotogaleria’. After finishing University,  she moved to Prague, the Czech Republic, where she currently works as a freelance photographer on projects both commercial and personal.


What made you start taking photos?

My interest in photography started when I was an exchange student in the USA (in Tacoma college) in 2004. I started to take classes in photography there and learned about black and white developing and printing, colour printing, large format processing, and lighting.

 Where do you take your inspiration from?

Inspiration – I guess I find it everywhere. A huge inspiration for me, though, comes from travelling: the feel of it, the change of colours and people; it brings me a lot of power, even if I use one roll of film while doing it. The experience of travel always stays with me and alters my whole perspective on things. Of course, new movies, exhibitions, magazines, and books, are also big influence of me as well, not to mention documentaries. The most recent one to impress me a lot was Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Act of Killing ”. Werner Herzog described it best when he said: “I have not seen a film as powerful, surreal, and frightening in at least a decade… unprecedented in the history of cinema.”

I like to discover new art through social media platforms such as Behance, Flickr, etc. There are many amazing new artists around at the moment who also inspire me – some famous, some not. One of these would be Jesse Draxler, who does some pretty amazing collages.


What’s your photo style

I would say it is a mix of street photography and kind of diary shots, which capture my life in the way I see and observe it.

What makes you particularly different from other photographers?

Probably my point of view, and the way I express it. I guess you can be inspired by many different artists but when it comes to the moment when you actually create something you are on your own, deciding, for example, how to photograph it and from which angle.

What sort of people buy your photos / order your photography services?

I would say it is people with good taste and an artistic eye. Usually when I meet my clients, the first thing they tell me is that they saw my Web page and they loved the black and white aesthetics of my photos, or my way of looking and/or capturing at the world.


Tell us a funny story that happened to you during a photo session

I guess one of the funniest photo session took place in India earlier this year. My task was to document a traditional-style Indian wedding, which lasted 3 days. As I didn’t know a single word of Malayam (the language the wedding was conducted in), and hadn’t been to a wedding of this kind before, for a lot of the time I didn’t have a clue what was going on! The only help I received was from the groom, who – busy with the ceremony and unable to communicate with me directly – occasionally gave me eye signals to indicate where I should be and what I should not miss. As if this wasn’t stressful enough, the temperature was 40 degrees and it was extremely humid.

 Whom have you cooperated with? What projects have you taken part in?

From December 2011 until November 2012, I collaborated on a project with the Copenhagen music band ‘Strange Party Orchestra’, called ‘The Anna Kazanova Project’ (the title was chosen by the band, not me). The aim of the collaboration was to create a soundscapes for some of my art photography pieces. We finished it last year and also presented it at the gallery Gallopperiet-Stadens Museum for Kunst in Christiania, Copenhagen.  After a successful opening and good reviews, one of the pieces from the project was selected for Copenhagen’s ‘Week of Photography’, and was published in one of the first pages of the event’s catalogue. The project also came to Prague, and was exhibited in the city’s ‘Gallery Fotografic’.

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