Miguel Alonso – true master of light and composition

For this week we are introducing you a fabulous photographer – Miguel Alonso who believes that doing what you like to do will make you happy.  He is creating an emotional, edgy, original pictures that capture an unique moment of time. Browsing his web site you will have a feeling like there is some good story behind every photo.


Hello! My name is Miguel and I love to take great pictures!

How you started your photo career?

I shot a little bit with film when I was teenager, but film was too expensive for me so, as many others, I really started to shoot when digital photography came up. As time went by I got better at it. At some point I wanted to change my old job, so I decided to become professional photographer.


Describe your photo style

I can’t. I often say I am not good at expressing myself with words but good with pictures, and that’s why I became photographer. Just look at my style and tell me what you think :)



Where do you take your inspiration from?

I am not aware of it. I guess just looking pictures everywhere, from a magazine cover to an exhibition, the menu in a restaurant, the banner in a shop, and of course blogs and movies. And not only for inspiration: I believe looking at pictures (good and bad ones) is a fantastic way of learning.

How do you define success?

To me, success is being happy.
Very recently I read an interview where it was stated that happiness doesn’t come from money as we are often taught, but from having control over your life. I couldn’t agree more.
Being a freelance photographer brings me control over my life, in the sense that I decide schedule, holidays, clients… so I couldn’t be happier.


What people buy your photos/ order your photography services?

I provide photography services for portraiture, events, products or interiors. Both private and corporate. I also sell prints of pictures I do on my free time.

Tell us a funny story that happened to you while photo session

It’s emotional rather than funny: a few times already I have shot a wedding for a couple, then I have shot their pregnancy session, and after some time I’ve shot their baby’s pictures :) It’s very emotional to see how the circle of life goes on, how people let you into their life and be part of it.

Whom did you cooperate with? Which project did you take part in? 

I’ve had few exhibitions in Prague. The last was this May 2013 in Bar no. 7, it was called ‘Instagramized’ and they were all pictures taken with the phone. Surprisingly many people didn’t realize all pictures were taken with a phone, they thought they were taken with “my big camera” and then edited.

We thank Miguel for taking time to do an interview with us and share his thoughts and images with our readers. Please visit his site  to see more of his wonderful images.

Contact Miguel Alonso | Photographer



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