Nicola Pani’s portraits

Now almost traditionally we are pleased to present you our next Friday guest, Nicola Pani. Nicola is not only a professional Photoshop user, but a talented photographer. Get yourself comfortably seated in your chairs and enjoy the story as well as pictures.


~Please tell our readers something about yourself. Why and when you started taking photos? ~

I’ve been always fascinated about photography since I was teenager. Before even having a real camera I was interested in Web Design and Photoshop. My Passion with Photoshop started mainly for manipulating images and photos, and later I was trying to restore some old family film photos which I had scanned to my PC.


I started to take pictures actually in 2005 when I bought my first Digital Compact Camera Nikon L1. I was mostly inspired by Street Photography and authors like Cartier Bresson, that is why at first I went in the streets and learn to observe people, situations, objects etc., trying to catch the moment. In 2008 and 2009 I was living in Ireland and taking pictures Mostly of Landscapes. Since a couple of years ago I am mainly focusing on Portraits, Glamour, Fashion and Nude.


~ What inspires you for the new ideas in taking shots? ~

Nowadays I’m mostly inspired from Commercial Fashion Portrait and also from Art Photography in general.

~ How can you describe your photo style? ~

Currently I’m only Shooting Portraits (Glamour, Fashion and Artistic ones) and starting with Fine Art nude; I have almost abandoned Landscapes and street Photography.


~What makes you particularly different from the rest of photographers? ~

I’m not comparing myself to other photographers or artists, my only thought is how to improve myself and express better what I have inside and try to bring out the best from the models and subjects.


~ What is your final aim in photography career? ~

Surely I want to improve myself as better as possible both technically and artistically.

I want to work with people to make them shine, trying to reveal and bring out their best part of them.

Of course the commercial aspect it is important, but without any ideal and goal as artist it would be rather empty and shallow.


~ Whom did you cooperate with? Which project did you take part in? ~

Currently I have been selected for the Gallery Contest WITH LOVE TO WOMEN”-2013. I have been collaborating with few model agencies as well as some web online nude websites like Metart. Now my goal is now to collaborate with outstanding stylists and make-up artists.


Contact Nicola Pani | Photographer


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