Carlos Lopez: master of experimental photo


“I cannot stick with one specific “style” as it would be a limit for me.”

Port.Foilum team is happy to present our readers a new interview and a new interesting and gifted personality – Carlos Lopez. We hope you enjoy reading and getting acquainted with Carlos’s history and art. 

Shortly about Carlos: 

Carlos is from Peru, but currently living in Brno Czech republic already 5 years. He started as a photojournalist in Lima, then he worked in cruise ships as portrait photographer travelling around the Caribbean and then he moved here.
Carlos started to take photos in 1998 in college, he decided to study photography  because medium is a bit faster than traditional fine arts. His father is a sculptor, so since his childhood he was interested in arts and photography.

~Who is your idol in the world of photography? Why? ~

Joel Peter Witkin, his images are unique and allow multiple interpretation which make them more interesting. As well the thematic of his work and consistency of it during all these years make his work atemporal. For who don’t know him his subjects are corpses, mutilated and deformed people.


~What do you think your photo style is? ~

uhm, well hard to explain in words, I would say that I have no exactly one photo style. From my website you can see that is diverse. From very colourful portraits in my cosplay gallery to the monochrome portraits of women in Intimacy and so on. I cannot stick with one specific “style” as it would be a limit for me.


~What makes you particularly different from the rest of photographers? ~

The way I see world. The only thing that differentiate a photographer from another is the way how they see the world. In my case I see my subjects with curiosity to know them more it but I like to have control over them during the photo sessions and it is because I want to “use them” to express myself, like a master puppet.


~What are your objectives in photography career? ~

In short term I will have an exhibition next January so I want to make it properly and in long term I want to concrete some public intervention projects I have.


~What was a funny story that happened to you while a photo session? ~

Well, was during a family shoot, they had two kids and one was not in the mood to smile, so I make funny faces and stupid sounds as you would not expect from adult but nothing, the kid simply did not even look at me nor his parents. In one of those attempts I drop by accident one of his cars on my foot and I said auch (was little painful) and that make him laugh, my pain so i continue saying auch, auch and he continue laughing at my pain. It was in those 30 seconds of my pain and his laugh that I could make the photo all of us were waiting for.


~What are your plans in the closest future? ~

I am polishing one project for which I will look other people to participate to make it real.



Contact Carlos Lopes| Photographer


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