Christina Halinka – in the world of colourful portraits


Today we are happy to present our readers a new interview with a young talented artist – Halinka Hart. Inspired by people and their expressions she is creating a colorful portraits filled with powerful colors and a clever blend of beauty, innocence and fragility.

Short information about Halinka

Halinka studied Fine Art  at the age 15-18 but there was no teaching of technique just coursework that means she is a self-taught artist. However  she gained an A at the John Piper Art School and went on to study Management with International Business at Royal Holloway, University of London. Many years were spent working alonside a master artist before and during university. Since graduating and working as a writer, Halinka has returned to painting as a part-time career.


 ~What first moved you to create art? Were you a child, or did you come into your own as an artist as an adult?

I am not sure it was just one thing, or one moment, I think maybe it was always there. It is actually something I have been trying to not do. Maybe because most people say its an unsteady career or it isn’t going to happen. But. I guess when you go through hard times you find out the most about yourself… and at least for me, I realized I would rather make time for what I love, than waste my time doing anything else.

~What inspires you and where do you take new ideas from?

Everywhere. People, objects, other artists, music of all forms, movies, travels, good books, you never know when you might get inspired. For me I get the most out of people and their expressions. I find it fascinating to know that you can never see exactly what is going on in someone else’s mind, so I guess that is what I attempt to put across, the thoughts they are having and what the world might look like through their eyes.

photo (10)

~ What is your style in art

I don’t think I am even sure yet… most likely a form of atmospheric watercolours for portraiture or some form of urban art. I started painting around March 2013 after a long break from art. So I feel like I am jut discovering what style I have.



~ What do you want people to know about you?

I am self taught, new to the scene and very eager to learn and do more projects and paintings. I did an A level in Fine Art that didn’t have any drawing/painting teaching involved (but rather instructions and projects) so I guess most of what I do is experimental.

I want people to know I am still learning. And hopefully I will never stop learning.


~  Which projects/cooperation did you take part in? 

So far I have done one collaboration project with another artist, Jasper Darko (still unfinished – shown below with the blue hair and doodles), but I have another 2 collaborations with other artists coming up. Christopher Durant (Pencil artist) and Kuba Komosinski (Photographer).




3 responses to “Christina Halinka – in the world of colourful portraits

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  2. Hanlika is such an inspiration! I love all her works, she is definitely up, and coming….watch that girl.; she is so talented, and young; I look forward to seeing MORE of her work!!! <3

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