Veronika Eriksson: Bringing love and happiness with colours

Our world is full of talented people and there are many reasons why people start doing creative art, so today we are proud to present our readers our new guest – Veronika Eriksson and her story, we really hope you will not stay indifferent after reading, your comments are very much welcome.
 ~About Veronika shortly: ~ 
Veronika is 37 years old, she is a self-taught artist who paints with acrylic paint, Veronika is married and has two children, two daughters they are 19 and 15 years old. According to Veronika, she has always painted, since she was a little girl. When she suffered from depression for 1 ½ years ago she felt that she had to change her life. So she started to paint again, it became her way back to life again. “It was my way of expressing myself, to paint out my feelings”, says Veronika.
~ What inspires you for new creations? ~
What inspires me is life, feelings, music, people that I meet. Fashion and music, nature:)
~ How would you describe your style in paintings? ~
if I would describe my style in my paintings I would say they are very colourful, I love a lot of colour. Mainly because they give people a colour experience. I paint faces, owls, various animals. I like to paint different designs.
~ Do you think a person can become a painter during the whole their life or he should be born talented? ~
I think everyone can paint, you don’t have to be perfect….the painting is in the eye of the beholder.
~ What is the main message you want to deliver with your works? ~
I want people to be happy thanks to my paintings, they will feel the warmth and get some colour on their walls :)
~ Where did you exhibit your works? Did you cooperate with someone interesting? ~
I’ve given away some paintings to friends and businesses donated to the Cancer Society. I also have some of my art works at various exhibitions.
~ Can love influence your creativity? Which way? ~
I am influenced by my mood when I’m painting, today I am happy and love life so I hope it will be reflected in my art. So yes, love, and life influences my paintings :)
Veronika Eriksson | Artist

2 responses to “Veronika Eriksson: Bringing love and happiness with colours

  1. How can you publish this?
    Veronika Eriksson is not a painter. Age has stolen/cookies all of her paintings and had the odasity to call it her own.

    Recognize StudioEdin perhaps? Or Dean Russo (the stafford shire above) and of course paintings from IKEA and society6?
    She has taken down pictures after being exposed as the thief that she is, but many are still to see by any of her bought facebook followers (10000 followers in 2 weeks. Come ooon).

    I would recommend to take this post down and instead wright about the truth…

    Love/ Nic

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