Projekt310 – Fashion & Technology

In today’s world fashion and technology are trending. While art is still an important moment in fashion, the entire industry —everything from marketing to manufacturing — is affected by technology.
This is what Projekt310 successfully proved on Wednesday 6 Nov at Fusion Hotel Prague.
#projekt310 is a group of young talented people who wanted to show the public how the fashion show is organized, who is behind the stage, how many people are involved, what is the role of marketing , PR and technology.

6 Nov 2013, Prague – photographers’ camera flashes have filled the Fusion Hotel Prague. The whole event was broadcasted online: live tweeting, Instagram sharings, HOA, Google Glass, GoPro cameras on models and stylists.


Meanwhile at the backstage:




Guests enjoyed a catwalk by young talented designers




and at the end catwalk from Czech brand  Leeda – original Czech brand was created 2003. wearable, beautiful, stylish and great quality!


We must say that event was surprisingly amazing and we hope that #projekt310 will continue to organize these events and revel the backstage mystery to the public.


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