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Today our special guest is Marko Lopatic  – an outstanding fashion designer whose love to design in all its various forms shines through. He never stopped to believe in his dream and found a way how to make it real.

We’ve admired Marko’s work since we’ve seen it; We found his work to be simply amazing and we’ve got a chance to contact him and get this incredible interview  and get to know how he does what he does and why he does it.

Marko Portraits preview 16

Each of us creates their own universe and it changes every second with every decision we make

Tell us your story, where did it all start for you?

It’s rather simple. When I was 15 I realized there was great future awaiting me, and when 18 I discovered that this future was to be a fashion designer. Three years later, at 21, I left my job and started working in fashion business. First I worked as a stylist and it was last year, at 23, when I founded my own brand

The trick is to begin. I had no contact, schools or funding and all I needed was dedication, my vision and the fact that I knew that what I was doing was right.

Have you had some breaking point in your career? If yes, when?

There were several of them. The spiritual one happened, for example, when I met my photographer Lukáš David. I found in him somebody who believed in the same rawness of art like me. It is true that he is a much rougher guy than me, but we simply function great together, or match, if you like. Also, it was no less important that he was able to support me also professionally as he connected me with magazines and some famous personas.

The second breaking point was the evening of Český Lev awards (Czech Lion awards). I attended the show accompanied by my diva, Lenka Vaclavova and I prepared styling for us. We wanted to show to Czech public that although we were wearing black it could be creative, and although we were in Czech Republic, we could be international. We prepared in a luxurious hotel, arrived at the venue in Lincoln limousine and we were the foci of attention. Not to forget, we were truly enjoying ourselves! Having all eyes on us was very pleasant to me, but it was only several months later when I came to find out how useful that night had been and how many important people noticed me because of it.

Surely, it’s nice to be an extremely talented artist but until people get to know you it’s quite impossible to show it off. For example, there are probably many much better singers than Rihanna, but only she has the guts to express her opinions as she does.

Tell us about your collections.

Mainly, I want my fashion to be wearable. My cuts and structure designs are rather plain – or more precisely, my more complex drafts are so complicated that it is impossible to realize them under the current conditions. Artistically, it is important that the models appear the way I thought them up, since I put a piece of myself into everything I do. My first ‘more sophisticated’ mini-collection was called DUALITA and it expressed my idea of bipolarity of the whole world. Black colour is present in everything and also humanity. This is so because even white can be hidden in black and vice versa. One cannot be without the other.

1 kolekce Dualita_previewDUALITA Collection

2 kolekce Dualita_previewDUALITA Collection

3 kolekce Dualita_previewDUALITA Collection

My second last collection SOUL focused on the development of human soul. It described the phases of human existence in eight steps from the basic pure sexual desire without reason and thinking to symbolic enlightenment.

Marko In Soul 01 SOUL Collection

Marko In Soul IFFKV 2013 09SOUL Collection

Marko In Soul IFFKV 2013 14SOUL Collection

My present work named WILD tells a story about the search for balance. Personally, I see it in nature, more exactly in a beast. The beast is wild and free. It’s realistic and when hungry it goes, kills, feeds itself, and if you attack it, it strikes you back. At the same time, the beast chimes in with the higher intelligence of the universe and the spirit of nature. The beast lives by her intuition.

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 03PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 07PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 16PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 17PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 24PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 29PWILD Collection

Marko In Wild MBPFW 2013 34PWILD Collection

What is the philosophy and main inspiration for your collections?

My philosophy is life, or as I like to say in Hebrew ‘Chajim.’ I like the word the best in Hebrew. What I mean is life on all levels. Anyone can achieve anything and don’t influence others at the same time. As I see it, it’s all very simple, each of us creates their own universe and it changes every second with every decision we make. Since I was born under the sing of Gemini I am aware of my multiple personalities and I know that each of them understands and perceives the world differently; and so I try to describe the life, universe, god, and faith in various ways to reach as many people as possible. To many I wish to show the great and beautiful gift we have. The gift of living and giving life with a simple thought without the need of taking it away.

How do you think who is more obsessed with clothes: women or men?

I think that women. I work mainly on female fashion, so I must say that women. :-D

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

That is a difficult one. As I said I’m a Gemini and right now I’m truly feeling my five strongest personalities. Each of them has a different style, different behaviour, and attitude to life. I think that it really is about finding some balance and learning to respect all the different layers one has. Sometimes I give space to each of the five to express. So that’s why once you can see me in jeans and a flannel shirt looking like a lumberjack, while another time I chose black trousers, a dress shirt and a scarf over my shoulders – the look of a diva (sadly, a female one :-D ). I often wear a leather jacket and trousers of some kind, or a simple T-shirt, black trousers and an elegant black coat.

My style is, in sum, a bold one. At any rate, it is my ankle height boots that I wear, even in summer. As I come to think of it, the boots characterise me the most.

Do you think art and fashion can ever really be separated?

Depends what you mean by ‘fashion’. For me, no, but from the point of view of our nowadays hyper-productive times, unfortunately, perhaps yes. Brands such as NewYorkerH&M, or Zara, for example, may have a great idea and good intents. They try to bring some style to the masses. That is fine but it seems that the majority of the masses gets the idea wrong, and then what we are seeing are streets crowded with an army of the same dull people. Fail! And it is those same people who think that it is them who represent fashion… in that case yes, art and fashion were divided. Still, if we approach it as artists, as true designers, then NO! Never. If someone makes fashion based on their inner feelings and takes inspiration from ‘elsewhere’, then it must be art. Both fashion and art have become such wide terms and whatever you do there are always some supporters and opponents. I’m just a little afraid that even a piece of sh*t hanging on a stick would find its fans. ;-)

Which projects/cooperation did you take part in?

I took part in shooting of an independent film Hairstory, a comedy Modelky s.r.o., a charity competition Miss Deaf and Jiný Svět. Right now I’m preparing for another charity event – a fashion show 4U2.

There are also other projects, but I think that listing them all does not make sense since they are already past us.

Currently, I’m also working on a larger fashion project that will be launched in spring 2014 and the team of people gathering around it makes me believe that everything will happen as I’m planning it. All preparations are being made in cooperation with a jewellery and leather accessory designer Alenka Bělíková who was originally my inspiration for the whole thing, or who is inspired in the same way like me.

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