More Than Religion – connecting young creative people

What can happen when creative people driving by enthusiasm and desire to create get together? Then it will be More Than Religion project. Who are they? They are young, talented energizers with the strong feeling of beauty and will to show it to the world.

Alena Belikova – not only the heart and soul of the More Than Religion platform, but also a bag and jewelry designer faced quite difficult problem to represent and sell her high-quality hand-made work. By sewing every stitch on her leather bag she found out that it is a big gap between lower-priced fast-fashion  brands such as H&M and Zara and luxury famous well-known brands such as D&G, Prada. Unfortunately, brands producing high-quality pieces which is unique and made from expensive materials invisible between this 2 categories. Alena thought that if she faced this problem for sure other people faced it too.


That is how More Than Religion’s idea were born.

We met Alena: lovely, energetic, lady just a few weeks ago. After talking to her for a couple of minutes, we were charmed by her energy, passion and clear project vision. The passion in her eyes and the way she was expressing the project idea inspired us to start a backstage diary for More Than Religion project.

We are going to be at photo-shoots and show you what is going on backstage, what kind of problems they deal with, how is it to create a perfect shoot, how many people involved. Meanwhile we will introduce you people: models, designers, art-directors, photographers, make-up artists etc. and will tell their stories.

Have a peek backstage at More Than Religion photo-shoots and shows.

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