MTR: 1st Photo shoot with Michael Tomeš

While looking through glamorous pictures in fashion magazines, most people are unaware of just how many people it takes “behind the scene” to create just one single shot. So many preparations have to be made, discussions, meetings, location hunting etc etc. Photo-shoots can be very tough, demanding and exhausting projects to work on. PRTFLM joined “More Than Religion” team for a day, in order to show what’s involved backstage for a fashion industry photo-shoot.

Alena Belikova, the heart and the soul of the project “More than Religion” has invited us to the first photo shooting event.


9 am

We met at the train station on Saturday morning at 9 o’clock, because the photo shoot location was outside of Prague. In the train i started talking with a young clothes designer and founder of the brand RITORE – Ricardo Torini.

 9.30 am

We happily arrived to villa and found out that there is no heating. Need to say it is around 5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, there was no water as well.

We walked around the house, chose the room for make-up artist and hair stylist. They started to prepare first two models. Meanwhile we helped to unpack the stuff for shooting and to set up photographers by adjusting lights and equipment.

I’m talking to Katerina, an actress who was invited to this shooting, while Patrik, the hairstylist, is doing her hair.



Anna: Tell me, is it true when you are playing role you need to feel it?

Katerina: Oh yeah, I remember I was playing a mother who lost her child, I went back home every day in tears.

Anna: It is not that easy to get the right emotion, isn’t it?

Katerina: It depends, but make up, costumes, the scene itself do help a lot. I remember when I was a teen, my good friend committed suicide. I was so upset, but at the same time I thought I need to remember that feeling, because probably I will need it in the future. It’s cruel, but that’s how it works. The most important thing for me is to go back by me at home, not by role that I’m playing.




11.30 am

Alena is getting out clothes for photo scenes. There are different designers’ clothes, jewelry, lingerie and shoes. You never know what you will need for the photo shoot.



Anna: So, tell me how did you come with the idea? And by the way what is the idea?

Alena: Many friends of mine are shopaholics and it is a problem. They are spending whole weekends at the malls, buying stuff they would never need, spending money, they don’t have. I’ve seen so many of them and decided to show that at the end they are still unhappy and all their purchases didn’t make them happy and otherwise make them feel more miserable and devastated. So we are going to create different scenes which reflect consumers’ society and their addictions.

Anna: I see. Ok, how did you choose models? Did you look for a specific model for a specific scene?

Alena: Not really. Some of models I met today. But after I’ve seen them I already imagined which scene they will be playing. For example, Lucie Jašková has a childish face, and we can play with it, dress her at the specific outfit which will more underline her childishness.


2 pm

Shooting started. Two scenes with Anna Lozinská First co-called “Wardrobe” where model is sitting next to full of clothes wardrobe and still looks miserably unhappy. The inner problem of many women when where is a lots of clothes and still nothing to wear. The obsession of buying more and more.The right shot was get pretty fast, so we started preparing the next scene “Reflection in the mirror”. Photographer – Michael Tomeš – is trying to get a perfect shot. Apparently, Alena found out that earrings that model is wearing don’t fit much. After getting rid of them, and 100 couple of shoots, it’s done. Need to notice, no heating, model has only pants and bra on. Photo scene covers only her mirror reflection where she looks naked.



2.40 pm

We grabbed some sandwiches and hot tea to get a bit warmer. Next scene with Katerina Vecker is a “Girl and noodles” how we called that. Spent some time to choose a proper fork and plate, that was actually the whole decoration. The model is sitting behind a table, holding the fork in her hand, miserably bending her shoulders above the plate with cheap noodles. Alena and Michael couldn’t find a perfect shot. Some pictures were really good, but still didn’t reflect the whole concept. We could hear repeating commands: “Eyes down! Not that much! Look at the left side, don’t smile! Open your mouth! Close it! Take the fork! Lower! A bit higher, perfect!” Click!




3.10 pm

We helped to prepare “Porcelain scene”. Alena and Michael were discussing where the model should stand and what should be on the background. They need to harry up, because it is getting dark and soon lights won’t be good. The scene took time, because Lucie is not a professional model and it is always harder to work with non-models as they simply don’t get used to the camera.





The last bed-scene Jana Ogladina was done surprisingly pretty fast. It took around 10 minutes! That is why working with the professional models are taking less time, because they interact with camera easily, co-creates with a photographer.




~Photography by McRitchie ~

MTR Team:


Michael Tomeš (Michael studied photography at the school called Michael in Prague.)


Patrik Hagara (Patrik was nominated in hairdresser of the year as a New comer of the Year)

Make up artist:

Barbora Potužníková


Anna Lozinská

Lucie Jašková

Katerina Vecker

Jana Ogladina




La Gallery Novesta


Janja Prokič


DEBUT Gallery

The first day of photo-shoot was over. Follow MTR diary to know about the next photo shoot and meet new creative team.


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