MTR: human passion or material possession?

Guess who is not sleeping on a cloudy Saturday morning? It’s our Port.Folium team and this time it was another session for More Than Religion photo shooting. The whole week weather was just amazing, sun was shining bright, temperature went up to 15 degrees and one could feel spring in the air.


However quite unexpectedly that perfect weather has been changed to cloudy, rainy and windy as soon as the weekend started. So that condition also affected event organizers’ concept and plans, they had to search for a place to take photos in extremely time limited conditions.

Bike 4 (1 of 1)



Sarka Kudelova, a makeup artist:

Q: How many models are you going to make-up today?

A: Just two, a girl and a guy. Initially I was told about seven people, but I am happy that it’s only two for now.

Q: So do you know what is the place where photo shooting will take place?

A: The idea is to take pictures indoor, because outside it’s raining and I called the botanic garden, but they can’t take us because they have new orchids exhibition.


Meanwhile the male model Jindra Karacek’s hair is been done by Kraig Casebier  and girl model Denii Prochazkova  is sitting in the chair while Sarka Kudelova  is doing her make-up, I am talking to Alena, the main coordinator of all activities that are happening during the event.


Q: What will be the idea of today’s photo shooting?

A: Today’s models will be playing a role about consumers lifestyle again, this time it will be about people’s obsessions with material things, the female model will be all concentrated on her accessories.

Q: And what’s the role of male model?

A: He will be trying to attract, to seduce her, but her mind will be still all about the ring.

Q: Where did you get that ring?

A: Some designers cooperate with me and let me use their accessories during the photo shooting, for example that Blueberries ring was nicely presented by DEBUT-Gallery.


Jindra, the model guy, is almost ready, he is dressed up in the clothes ready to pose for the camera, last touches are put on Deni’s face and the photographer – Marie Červinková, just came in. We used a spare moment to talk about hers.


Q: How did you start photography?

A: I started it 9 years ago, it was my hobby. Later on it turned into professional art, that can be paid for.

Q: What is your style?

A: I mainly take black & white pictures.

Q: Do you take shoots in B&W?

A: No, I take colorful pictures and then edit them to B&W, because this way the shades have deeper range.

(Marie has a nice round belly, meaning that she is expecting a baby)

Q: So you are brave enough to go for interactive photo shooting event awaiting for a baby.

A: Yes, this is my second son, I am already on the 7th month, but this doesn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite hobby.


In a while everyone got ready and the decision was made to go to one of Prague castle sights to take pictures outside.


Weather conditions are not the best, however this doesn’t stop the whole team from inspired photo shooting. Models are improvising, photograph is choosing the best position to take the perfect shoot, Alena is managing the whole process. People who are passing by have very surprised looks seeing how brave Deni and Jindra are wearing summer clothes at windy&rainy +8.



During the short breaks, while models are warming up before the next try to get that long awaited shoot, everyone gets into the crowd to check the photos to discuss and try one more time, and more again, and again… And that’s how the story goes on.




~Photography by McRitchie~

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