Patrik Hagara: sneak a peek at hair stylist’s backstage

On a gloomy freezing Saturday, March 15 we were invited to the make-up & hair-style photo shoot by Patrik Hagara. We met Patrik, a talented bright guy, who showed promising future success at the 1st More Than Religion photo shoot where he was the main hair stylist.
Make-up & hair-style photo shoot was held in Prague and it was a preparation for the Patrik’s website hair-style portfolio.
There were invited 10 models, 2 make-up artists : Dana Bárová and Bára Potužníková, a photographer: Radek Kudláček and to  help and support Patrik came his teacher Eva Komínková, the owner of SANETT hair salon.




We asked Patrik what was the idea for?
A: Oh, this is just for my website collection. I am in between of opening it, so this is the perfect time to start getting a great portfolio.
Q: So you are not only doing hair today, but also managing the shooting process?
A: Yes, sort of ;) I organized the whole event and found the team to help me to work on preparation to my website portfolio.
Q: When it comes to style, how do you choose a hair-style for a person?
A: It depends on the face shape. For example, the oval shape is the easiest because all types of hair-style can shut it.
Q: Do you cut your hair?
A: ha-ha no :)



We decided not to bother Patrik too much and chatted with models and other people from the team.
Dana Barova a make-up & hairstylist artist, told us very interesting things about makeup, modeling and work in a photo shoot team.



Q: So how long are you working as a makeup artist?
A: Quite a lot to have a lot of experience (laughing).
Q: We want to know a bit how it is to work in a photo shoot team.
A: I would say it is fun and busy.
Q: Is it hard to work in a photo shoot team?
A: No, but sometimes some pictures are just not usable for us, make-up artists. I mean we cannot use them in our portfolio, just because the accent wasn’t focus on make-up, but photo shoot theme.
Q: How do you agree with it?
A: Usually we ask photographer to take a look at the pics before they go live. Sometimes we ask him to change something.
Q: So, how do you choose model’s make-up?
A: When you work with professional models they already know what type of make up suits them.You can save time by just simply asking them :) Or art-director can say his requirements and what he exactly wants.



The shooting was 6 hours at total and during that time Patrik have done 10 different hairstyles, some with the help oh the other hairstylist, but mostly by himself.  We wish Patrik creative successes and interesting collaboration projects.


The interview with  Patrik is coming soon, do not miss it


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