MTR: Chasing the discounts

That morning we had to get into the role of detective in order to find MTR team and get long-awaited backstage photos and rumors. In the beginning it was a bit challenging, but then as soon as we got navigation from the hair saloon where models’ make-up and hairstyle was done by Lucie Hanova and Marcela Zacová, we had to go to the Prague riverside. As soon as we got there it was way easier: take a look along riverside and find a bunch of brightly dressed girls with photo camera flashes sparkling from time to time.


Creation of artificial sales wall is in progress, a pile of colorful sales announcements made from paper is laying on the ground and Alena is managing as well as taking active participation in placing the papers on a stone wall nearby Vltava river.


I was lucky to catch a free minute in tight Alena’s schedule and asked about the concept of the current event.


Q: What is it about this time?

A: We continue unleashing the topic of consumers lifestyle…

Q: I see 7 models around and discounts ads, what are they going to do?

A: Sales is a particular piece of consumers life, so what I want to show how addicted people are to price reductions.


We can see a guy in the whole models’ crowd, initially it seemed that he is also a model, but in fact Alan Homolka appeared to be a photographer. We could chat a bit with him.


Q: I heard that you are not from Prague. Is it true?

A: No, I live in Prague, though it’s true that before photo shoot I was away from the capital, I was on vacation in Trutnov.

Q: How long are you doing photography?

A: For 9 years.

Q: Wow, how old are you then now?

A: 27.

Q: Oh, so that means you started working on photos at 18…

A: Yes, that’s true. I’ve worked a lot in portrait photography, wedding photos and other photo genres.


Now the “discount wall” is ready and Alena is approving final settlements for models’ clothes.


Everyone seems to be prepared and the funniest moment of the whole photo shoot event is about to start. Models need to run, some of them are on high heels, some are dressed in very light shirts and skirts. However, they have to run.



After every round of “sales racings” girls are checking the pictures with Alan, they are really curious what is going to be the final shoot. We and all our readers are in the same boat with models, since we do look forward to see the issue of online magazine of More Than Religion.


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