ODIVI: truly wearable and unique fashion

What makes clothes unique? Price – maybe, but if it lacks of creativity it become just an expensive clothes.

Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Iva Burkertova is the name to remember. She is the founder of ODIVI brand which designs clothes you can transform according to the occasion.
I asked Iva about her journey from choosing her path in life, establish her brand and opening her showroom. Now it is time to enjoy the story she shares with us.


 Q: Tell us a short bio

A: I was born in Hradec Kralove, a city in the Czech Republic, as a kid with a big ginger head. I went to Prague to study at university but I left school and started to work on my own brand ODIVI, to travel the world and also participate on various fashion projects which were my fashion school of life. But at the end I also managed to finish my studies at University of Tomas Bata in Zlin, Czech Republic, with a focus on media and design.


Q: How you actually decided to become a fashion designer?

A: I think I had a few life moments which were slowly pushing me towards my current job. First was, most probably, the third class of primary school where I had a block full of people cut out from magazines, then the first ball and personal contact with my mom’s sewing machine. Also, my secondary grammar school with the lack of creative work which I had to compensate and finally an ongoing need to create something that lasts.


Q: Have you had some breaking point in your career?

A: The most important moment of my career was when I left the first school and chose my own path. That gave me a chance to gain incredibly loads of experiences and contacts and sustain my own attitude and methods.

Q: How the idea of collection born? 

A: Final result always looks bit different than I have planned. Ideas are coming and leaving – very important for me is the moment when we create samples – that decides about the result which is influenced by many things – including the state of my mind, surroundings and especially materials and shapes I’m working on. I never prepare cuts or concepts – the whole process is something like a game.


Q: What is the philosophy and main inspiration for your collections?

A: I don’t like to talk about my inspiration as I think my collections have been formed by my way of life – who and what I meet. I live through different scenes and my collections are dedicated to various customers. Only them give the final form and life to all my stuff. I like to work with sportive and functional materials in combination with high end fashion cuts and materials.


Q: How is the ordinary day of fashion designer looks like?

A: I can’t get myself out of the bed. When I manage and do all the important things people usually do in the morning, I have few meetings – with my seamstresses or at workshop, then I spend a lot of time with finding the right materials and components, few meetings again, few hours with e-mails and then, finally, evening creative with a glass of wine.



Q: Can you please describe your personal fashion style?

A: My ginger hair which I hated earlier are now my most expressive accessory. I usually wear comfortable oversize clothes – last year I have been wearing my variable dress all the time. I can make them longer or shorter just according to how I feel which satisfies me during the days as well as while traveling.



Q: Can you tell us a funny story of your experience with clients?

A: Sometimes I’m really surprised how great and daring customers I can find around in our country. Lately, a very stylish man tried my oversize dress with a peony detail and he has been wearing them very proudly since then. Stories like this one open my eyes more and more.

Q: Your personal opinion about fashion

A: Please, don’t take fashion so seriously!

Contact Iva Burkertova| Fashion Designer




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