Integrate into Danish design

Recently I had a pleasure to travel to Denmark and of course I could not avoid visiting modern design place once I had a couple of free hours in the city. Danish Design Center is one of the contemporary design attractions located almost in the heart of the city, 5 minutes walk from the main train station.


Danish Design Center was found in 1979 and is the platform that connects creative practitioners and stakeholders in the design industry.

DSCN1933The first floor of DDC has a big cafe which serves both as place to have a tasty snack and communication workspace where one can meet with potential clients, colleagues or just friends.


Cafe provides visitors with different beverages and snacks, so I decided to enjoy a cup of latte on that sunny and windy morning in Copenhagen.



Hereby I would like to quote some of DDC’s values that could be interesting and useful to anyone who thinks about starting a new project.

We cooperate. DDC does not solve the tasks of others, but with others, and this is reflected of all DDC’s relationships, both internal and external.


We learn. DDC will be Denmark’s most important knowledge bank for future design and we take every opportunity to expand, systematize combine our knowledge in new ways.


We connect. DDC provides a networking space for designers, businesses, media, public, organizations, government agencies and authorities, sponsors and all others who can contribute to realizing the DDC’s vision and long-term goals.



We provide. DDC conveys its knowledge to the design industry, relevant public and private stakeholders, both residents and foreign visitors in a way that is tailored to the target group’s use of media and its knowledge and language requirements.



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