Funantik: furniture with a soul and spirit

After stressful day you want to go back home to your own little world with comfortable things which makes it unique. It is not a secret that your house/apartment reflects your soul. That is why more and more people are looking for something unique and special to decorate their home which will open and show their personality.

Once I was at the housewarming party of my friends and have seen a very interesting chair which have got my attention. That is how I have hear about Funantik and its founder Lenka Širancová.

Lenka creates an exceptional world of high quality unique  furniture which will help anyone to express yourself.


Q: Tell us a short bio. Where did you born? Study? Maybe you have some interesting story from childhood.

A: I was born in Hradec Kralove where I spent my childhood with my parents and 2 brothers. Durning my childhood & teens years I spent time as a member of Hradec Králové children’s choir. With the choir I have traveled all over Europe and 13 states in the USA. I spent most of my free time studying and exams that paid me back by having good memories and friends. After high school I started study at University of Economics, Prague . My choice was simply pragmatic . Entrance exams were math and English language which were the subjects that I enjoyed and where I had no problem with. Now looking back at the period of my studies at the University I can say my economics knoweledge is zero :) but, just the fact that you could be around a few years with relatively smart people and listen (sometimes on the early mornings ) their views in their own way, all of it helped me to grow up. At the university is where I met my future husband. 6 years after met we got married and we’ve been living in Prague for a few years now. When we had more children we decided to move out from Prague to a smaller city. At the moment we live in Prerov nad Labem and try to align the education of our three children (8, 6 and 3 years old) and running business at the same time, which is sometimes quite hectic.


Q: Tell us how you decided to be a furniture reconstructor? Some story connected or maybe some person inspired you or it was your dream.

A: When I was studying at university I started working at Gillete and after state exams I started working at Prague’s heat station as an internal auditor. After my first son was born I knew that neither work in the “open space” or working as an auditor’s would be something I am going to miss. Now we have more childern and I’m not saying I dont love them, but when it is a job being a mom and days & nights taking care about kids only, you should be ready you would not see any visible results of your job. That is why I decided that at my free time I would be doing something that is practical. I took it as a therapy just wont get crazy from all these love ( and requirements) from my kids :) Working with hands always calmed me down and bring me a joy, so when I had a free time I borrowed pneumatic tacker and I fixed one chair that I found in the basement of our house. It did not look so bad, so I became more interested in upholstery and furniture. I tried to get all available literature (mostly foreign, because Czech ones offers minimum) and progressively studying. I learn the most when stripping away old upholstery and taking of pictures an original cushions chairs.


Q: You mentioned you a full-time mom ( 3 kids wow :) ) When do you find time for redesigning and kids?

A: As I said before sometimes it is very hectic. The kids and husband have gotten used to seeing the kitchen counter not only with dishes but, also a tacker, spilled screws, brushes, paints, etc. :) Most of the things I have hidden in the basement where my small studio is but, somehow I end up in the kitchen and crafting there. This year my youngest daughter is in preschool, and (if children are not sick) I can work before noon. Besides furniture design I also doing tax advice.


Q: How the whole process is going? Do you buy furniture or you find it somewhere or someone just bring it to you? Can you please describe your work process

A: It depends…Usually I buy furniture. I already have my favorite antique stores and also buying on the internet. Sometimes though I can find some pieces of furniture absolutely randomly and unexpectedly.


Q: What comes first – the materials or the design idea?

A: Hard to say. Sometimes a beautiful chair appears and I am thinking what to do with that, sometimes I see inspiring comic book and think that would be a super cover for one of the chairs. Each piece of furniture is a challange for me and I have to admit that by the moment when I finish working on it, I have a thought that I would rather redesigned it again and in a different way :)


Q: When you start redesigning have you thought to start selling and create your own business? Or you were doing it just for passion?

A: In the beginning this was only a desire to create something :) but, it’s a slow going process. Costs are so high and I am still thinking about how to set up a price for my craft work.


Q: What is your main inspiration for your works? If there are some.

A: Everything around…it may sound like a cliché but, I’m really inspired by everything I see and experience. I’m not that kind of person who likes a certain color, a season or style. Sometimes I like everything and sometimes everything irritates me :)


Q: How is the ordinary working day looks like?

A: Ideally I wake up in the early morning, send my son to school, daughter to kindergarden,wave goodbye to my husband and make a coffee :) Clean up, run a dishwasher, washing mashine, dryer and going “something to do” :) Then spend time working with taxes or at a piece of furniture. After lunch I pick up my children. If they do not have some additional study activity I am taking them and their friends somewhere ( yeah, I am really enjoying countryside life) along with driving them to the piano lessons, tennis or music classes. Every Wednesday my friend and I run garden classes here at Prerov ( In the evening I just keep an eye on kids’ school tasks, bathing, dinner and then get the children to bed. My husband usually arrives from work in the evening and we both are so tired that just laying and watching TV for a while or just reading a book and sometimes I hardly even get the plot ( it has an advantage that my book stays long with me :))

Q: Can you tell us a funny story of your experience with clients? If you have some and want to share

A: Luckily I do not bad stories. So far I was lucky to get clients who paid me for my work time. I’ve been sent many thanks and positive feedbacks which makes me very happy and Im appreciate it very much


Q: Which projects/cooperation did you take part in?

A: Over the last year I did a few interior designs and also it makes me happy that people started call me the interior designer. This profession is my dream and I hope that when my children will be more independent I can do this business fulltime :)

Contact Lenka Širancová | Interior Designer


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