APé: dress that nobody else will have

Many fashion designers offer you a unique style which is simply just another trend. Nowadays uniqueness is a trend and used by advertisers pretty much successful.  However in a crowd of designers you can find that special ones who designs certain type of clothes with a specific pattern and design only once and only for you.

Today we introduce you that kind of designer Adam Ptacek –  young, talented and determined designer and founder of APé brand.

APé is a brand focused on creative colorful patterns, applying them to fabric and making from this fabric unique clothes that no one will have.

We decided to ask a few questions from Adam to know more about his unique piece of clothes and patterns, future plans and of course about fashion


Q: Tell us a bit about what you do.

A: I´m designing patterns, fashion, drawing jewels, high heels and falcons. I also like to decorate interiors and write short witty stories. My brand is called APé and is oriented on sensual spendthrift women who are daring, well kept and self obsessed. :D But also they must have a great sense of humor like me.


Q:How did you get into fashion design?

A: I studied in Vienna at Herbststrasse Fashion College and then at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, where I will in 2 months finish my bachelor´s degree. Last year I started to sell my own scarf line for ladies in La Gallery Novesta , what was followed soon after with my s/s collection Co- existing en Paraíso. Then was Eny Room Fashion Gallery and Debut Gallery (all just in Prague) where APé apparels were or still are available.

3 (2)

Q: What type of fashion?

A: Daring, full of vibrant colors, artistic, sexy, provocative and unique. My style is called like tropical baroque with surrealistic influences. Minimalism is probably the right term.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Somewhere far away from Europe and hopefully I will do some kind of design, if for my own brand, or for someone, it really doesn´t matter.


Q: How do you rate yourself as a fashion stylist?

A: Firstly I feel myself as a Pattern Designer, because I draw and paint all my decors, which are then printed on my fabrics. Ornaments, patterns are my added value, that is my specialization and difference. Fashion stylist is not a fashion designer and I´m not just a fashion designer


Q: In your eyes what makes a good fashion stylist?

A: Don´t know, because there are too many stylists, like nowhere. Just kidding. For me is the most important thing, to know how combine colors, then materials and styles. It´s not easy to make daring combinations and style fusions. It´s a highly responsible work for a real master. Not anyone could be a stylist or fashion designer.

satek1_final (2)

Q: Do you think the Fashion industry in the Czech Republic is difficult to break into?

A: My artwork is not supposed to shine in this country. Everyday I am thinking about the best way, how to escape, from this hell. Better signing the devil’s contract. What I actually need and badly will, is get to know some very powerful person, who want to invest his or her time, money and information into me, in return of my hard work, all the potential and ability to learn everything what matters in the fashion business and generally in business. Because I want to be a very rich person one day… and then I can help to someone other who is different, young and unbelievable gifted.


Q: What drives you/give you the ‘go’ to keep at it and do everything?

A: My dreams, family, friends and invincible faith.


Q: Does fame attract you?

A: Fame is like a fire, good servant but very bad master. You know what, I am that type of (unfortunately) highly visible person, especially in this country, that it´s simply impossible to be not “famous” everywhere I walked through. Everyone remembers me. The same it´s with my name. Fame could be attractive in the starting point, but not the whole life. Honestly and practically I want enough money more than fame, then only I could finally realize all my craziest dreams I´ve had. For example to build a big Egg House of Apé, my private spectacular estate ( in the shape of a biggest ever seen egg with turquoise 3D blown glass windows) located in Morocco, quite nearby Mediterranean.


Q: Any funny stories that happened to you while doing creative work?

A: Sew through my finger. But it was quite painless.

Q: Hobbies and other interests?

A: Oil Painting, taking photos,buying bijou, writing of non- sense short stories, terrible singing in the shower, South-American animals (especially reptiles, birds and armadillos interest me a lot) antique furniture, jewels and home decorations. I am also a hardcore fan of late renaissance and whole baroque time period – so history inspires me everytime. Artists who I love and respect for their indisputable influence on culture: Raqib Shaw, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Terry Richardson, David La Chapelle, Salvador Dalí, Oswaldo Guyasamín, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Antonio Gaudí, Dita von Teese, Amanda Lepore, Yma Sumac, Mariah Carey( :) real fan) and Nina Simone.


Q: Favourite Fashion designer?

A: When I used to be a little child, around 1996-1997 I firstly see a spectacular fashion show by Gianni Versace and since then I learned to love and feel fashion as a newly discovered part of me. He was for me a fashion Zeus, other respected Gods of our fashion Olympus are Christian Dior, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Azzedine Alaia, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Franco Moschino or Yves Saint Laurent. God bless them all, if they are still alive or not, they are simply timeless. But on the other hand, why don´t mention some brands, which I personally absolutely dislike: Prada, Margiela,Missoni, Chanel or my especially “favourite” Louis Vuitton.

Q: How do you sell your collections?

A: Actually, my scarfs are bestsellers. Logically, cause my dresses are often too small and tight for Czech proportions. I do probably dresses just for some small, cute and extraordinary tiny dolls.:) Why not. But my skirts and blouses are the second most popular pieces after that long list of scarfs.:) My clothes isn´t that expensive like it should be, because every dress, every skirt is only one piece, made for one person. You can´t meet two women in my clothes. Never.


Q: Any Tips or advice to share with new fashion designers?

A: I´m really not sure if I should advice to anyone, because I am at the same starting position like thousands czech and slovak designers. But , there would be some nice advice for other artists: Be always yourself, be unique and don´t let anyone to bring you down.

Contact Adam Ptacek | Fashion Designer




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