Review: Cut Copy – Lucerna Music Bar 21.4.14


“Thanks for the beer, I know it’s really cheap out here, but we appreciate it,”  quipped Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford towards the end of a highly energetic 60-minute set. The Australian quintet stopped by Lucerna Music Bar on their penultimate European tour stop in support of their newest album, Free Your Mind.

Lucerna proved to be an ideal venue for the band as they brought their 80’s New Wave influenced indietronica to a small club atmosphere. The pounding beats had everyone dancing right from their opening song, Explorers, while the numerous strobe lights ricocheted throughout the mirrored walls of the club. Whitford and company played a nice balance of new material and old favorites: Where I’m Going, Hearts on Fire, and Lights and Music.


Cut Copy did an excellent job keeping the crowd engaged and in return, the crowd danced along with arms raised creating a communal feel that was befitting of the Easter weekend. By the time the band returned to the stage for their encore, Need You Now, they had certainly earned their right to a quick beer break.





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