Denisa Horová: making customers feel special

denisaWe continue getting our readers acquainted with young talented Czech fashion designers and our today’s guest is Denisa Horová, who has passed a career of model and then smoothly transitioned to a fashion designers’ world. Denisa has a brave and creative look on fashion and is not afraid of experimenting with materials. Read all the article in order to find out what else make her such an outstanding person as she is…

To get the readers started, Denisa tell us how you got into fashion industry?

Since I was nine I’ve dreamt about becoming a fashion designer. When I was 14, I got a first offer to work as a model for Czechoslovak models agency. It was a great opportunity to get on the fashion industry backstage. In other words, I gained my first fashion experience as a model.

How long have you been a designer?

I’ve studied fashion since 2005, but for the past 4 years I have been really meaningful in the University.


Where do the new designs that you create come from?

Most of the ideas I get on the train, in sauna, before falling asleep. Generally, anytime my mind is taken off.

What gives you inspiration?

It can be anything. Mainly, I like to seek inspiration in interesting materials and experiment with them.


What drives you to keep at it and do everything?

It is a kind of an exciting need to design clothes that would make the customer feel special and confident.

What obstacles – if any, have you encountered along becoming a designer?

The only obstacle is me being too shy.


Can you recall the first design work that you created that made you go WOW!?

I don’t know if WOW is the right word, but the collection of coats with silicone jewellery was quiet successful.

Coat collection

Coat collection

What fame means to you?

When your designs make the clients satisfied.


What in your opinion makes a good fashion designer?

Have good ideas, be able to use them, present own work on the highest level possible, be able to choose right materials, technology, team of workers and design with enthusiasm and passion because you like it.

Three words to describe yourself.

Expressive, perfectionist, life lover


What do you do in your life except art?

Many kinds of sport activities.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

I can’t choose just one, because each of my favorite designers excels in different ways and that is what I like about them. It is hard to try to compare them.


Tips and tricks you want to share with newbies in fashion industry

You are the one who makes your own future. All you need is to understand yourself. What you want, what you like, and your strong abilities. When you achieve this everything is possible, just go a head and believe in it.

Denisa Horová || Fashion designer



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