Katka Venclíková: In the “concrete” world

Kateřina VenclíkováAccessories are made of various materials, sometimes quite surprisingly unexpected. Our today’s guest – Katka Venclíková is the author of two accessory collections that are made from … concrete. Funny, yeah? In my opinion, only supertalented people can work with such material and still make outstanding works. Check Katka’s story!

I’d like to go back to the very beginning. What were you doing before designing accessories?

I studied sculpture in AAAD in Prague and I was always interested in the properties of different materials, so I experimented with them a lot on the basis of my knowledge.

How can you describe yourself?
I’m a person with great sensitivity to human emotions. I’m fascinated by nature – from the most basic quantum structures to deepness of the outer space. I’m fascinated by everything that influences plants, animals, and humans in their lives. And everything that I find and absorb later I use it in the whole range of activities.

Demicirkl I.

How did you come up with idea of ‘Holcim Art’, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Holcim Art came to me. The first collection was created for the 100th birthday of Holcim, the global building materials supplier. It was a tribute to the material – concrete – and to Czech architecture in the 20th century. With technologists at Holcim concrete plant, we found a perfect blend that allows all that you see. Drafts were created immediately. It’s mainly about the processing that requires accuracy, subtlety and precise fine crafts , with which I have no problem, but it takes a lot of time.

Geometric moderna

What makes your accessories different?

A different approach: each piece is a concrete sculpture (in both senses of the word concrete)

Can you please tell us about your design process?

The first collection was a happy spurt of memories of all the beautiful buildings that I had seen. Then a lot of abstracting to the essence of shape. Technologically, it’s a very long way from idea to drawing, then to model to the perfect matrix, making decisions on the metal components, then creating the functional form for casting and only after all that, finally, the first cast can be created.

Carre IV.
What are the tools and materials that you use to create the accessories?

The jewelry is silver-concrete. The jeweler makes the metal parts with special jewelers’ tools and I have my own tools for handling the concrete (many of them from the kitchen :-) and a lot of abrasives.


Who wears your accessories?
My accessories are for those who have good taste and are open-minded, who want to have an original masterpiece (each piece is unique).

Onyx triplet.
Has there been a point when you’ve had to take a big risk to move forward?
In the beginning we had a contract, which reaped a lot of success and we even got awards from the Academy of Czech design. But I also had a parallel “project” growing up at home – my two year-old son. So I had a lot of juggling to do between jewelry and the great time I am having with my boy. Somehow I’ve managed to get the perfect balance, mainly thanks to my family, and the new collection for 2013 has been completed. New ideas are now ripening for the 2014/15 collection

Glass concrete
What are your plans for the future?

To live a beautiful life. To create sculptures and jewelry and original design that will be tailor made to individual character of people and spaces.

Katka Venclíková || Accessories designer

Website: www.krakatka.cz

Email: krakatka@post.cz


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