15 Great Ideas for a Wall Organiser

We’ve found some refreshing and quite creative ways how you can design a wall organiser in your bedroom or living room. Simple, cheap, inspiring!

First, think how you would like to organise notes and blocks of your organiser.

Use anything that was not used by this moment, for example – a frame – make your own masterpiece!

You can also use a lace.

Old jeans pockets and some huge jeans cloth can do you a favour as well.


Another example of cloth application – use a solid one.

Even if you don’t have anything special, just use a tree stick! 

Make it girlish if you want.



Take advantage of having a wallboard as well.


Interesting solution for wall calendar – slice n dice you chalkboard.



Paper variant looks so refreshing and stylish.


Don’t forget: your wallboard is your dreams visualiser!


Combine old metallic net with warm lights.

A solution for models/fashion designers:

Last but not the least – VINTAGE organiser!


Got more ideas? We’d be happy if you share it with us!


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