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Hola amigos!

Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, and get ready for another blog about my adventures in Guate! Another 3 weeks have passed already since my last post, time just goes by too quickly. I’m already halfway my stay in Guatemala, can’t believe it, less than 10 weeks left in this country!


I’m still living in Panajachel at the moment, mainly working on the different assignments for my internship and that’s what keeps me busy most days and evenings. Some evenings I go to the lake to watch the sunset, still waiting for an awesome multicolor one ;), but in any case it’s lovely and relaxing to sit down and watch the sunset, the lake with its surrounding mountains and volcanoes and the people at any time of the day. Some 2 weeks ago I went to a performance of a Mexican folkloric dance group, which…

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