VOGA – new word in the world of fashion&workout

It seems London likes a yoga craze. Of late, there’s been classes launched for emoji yoga, dog yoga, and naked yoga, there’s been yoga on surfboards or while flying in the air.


One amalgamation that is actually catching on is voga—yes, a fitness routine that fuses Madonna’s nineties dance moves with sun salutations. The idea is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell, a woman rarely not in Lycra.


The former fashion and film-set designer, and fully trained yoga instructor, wanted to bring a cardio workout to her yoga. After a night watching a voguing battle at a Soho nightclub, the idea struck. “It’s more of an homage to voguing,” Murrell says, “but it’s all about feeling empowered, strong, aligned, and having fun.”


House of Voga launched its first classes last November in East London. After a successful run of pop-up events at Shoreditch House and new hipster hangout the Bussey Building in Peckham, Murrell took classes to girls in the festival fields at Lovebox and Bestival this year.


Voga is a dynamic fusion of yoga and “vogueing”

10611228_365065410312422_1550534765_nThis slick and angular aspect of vogueing resembles the physical alignment of yoga. In yoga we also hold poses to build strength and mindfulness and a fusing of the two disciplines adds an extra energy and purposefulness to both.


Voga is for people who like the idea of yoga but also want a cardiac workout without losing focus. It combines the expressive moves of the ‘dance’ class with the breath synchronised movement of yoga.

VOGA LONDON || http://vogalondon.co.uk/


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