The magic of Zakynthos

Those who have never been to Greece, namely Greek islands don’t know what they are missing! I am just back from an amazing Zakynthos and I don’t have enough words to describe how great the vacation there felt.



Zakynthos or Zante is third biggest Ionic island. During summer season  many European cities offer direct flights to Internationa airport of Zakynthos. The most lively area is called Laganas and it attracts many young people for its main street full of bars, clubs and discos. At the same time one can enjoy a soft sandy beach and shallow warm sea waters.


I had the luck to stay in Koklas Studios hotel, if I may state this – the best hotel ever, showing the real hospitality to its visitors, most 5 stars hotel should learn something from owners of Koklas – Teresa and her family.


Located a bit on distance from the noisy Laganas, this mini-hotel, actually looking like a eco-farm gives a “feeling home”, with its lovely vine bushes, olive oil trees, great sea views and comfy hotel rooms.


I can recommend to stay in Koklas studios to everyone, you’ll simply fall in love with Teresa and her lovely family. Homemade olive oil, vinegar, vegetables and fruits, eggs and homemade wine are at your free disposal.


The owners also helped me a lot with organising the excursions and trips around the island.



This is Keri beach, a little cozy village located 10km from Laganas. It was famous for the Keri Lake that was connected with sea, but is now dried away.


The further beach is strictly protected because that are is a favorite place where Careta Careta turtles leave their eggs for reproduction.


If you are limited with time, but still hungry to see what Zakynthos can offer you, I recommend to take a whole-day boat trip around the island. Bare in mind that it’s much more comfortable to get on a big boat – the island is quite big, so make sure you don’t get sick after couple of hours of drifting around.


You will be enchanted by the magic color of those blue waters, white rocks and great nature around!



The most famous sight of Zakynthos is so-called Shipwreck or Navagio beach.



This beach is famous not only for its perfect sand and transparent waters, but there is a story behind.


In 1983 a smugglers ship that was illegally transporting cigarettes to Greece, got wrecked on this beach. Since then the iron skeleton of the ship became a symbol of Navagio beach.


One can get to Shipwreck beach only by boat, there is no way to walk to the beach. You can walk to the top edge of the sight from mainland, trust me, the view is worth it, it’s simply breathtaking! If you are brave enough, take a chance to try rope-jumping!



Another gorgeous sight you’d like to see is Blue Caves located on Skinari cape.


Sunrays reflect through blue sea water from white stones of cave bottoms and walls, creating visual lighting effects.



Greece has take my heart fully, its beautiful nature and pleasant people who live there is the key to make any demanding tourist happy, relaxed and satisfied.


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